"Fall down seven times, Stand up eight "

Namaste Upakar Nepal Sudhar Kendra is a 12-step programme. As everyone knows that there are thousands of peoples suffering from this disease. According to our programme, we say that addiction is a disease. We should help, encourage and love those people suffering from this disease. We are totally focused on a drug free society and just want to ensure that it is possible to get rid of Addiction.
Patients gains essential knowledge and insight about the disease of addiction through the wisdom of experience of staff and guest speakers. The repeutic lectures covers topic relevant to individual in early recovery. The experience of sharing with and learning from other patients is helpful and meaningful to understand the need.
  • We treat wide rage of addiction and mental health conditions, which include alcoholism, drug addiction, depression, anxiety and co-dependency.
  • We develop your understanding of the 12-step programme, as well as provide therapies and treatments to help each individual client make the best possible recovery at Namaste Upakar Nepal Sudhar Kendra.
  • Our team of medical experts, counsellors, therapist and support staff are on hand 24/7 to care for your needs.

  • Why choose UNSK ?

    Namaste Upakar Nepal Sudhar Kendra has an unrivalled reputation as the nation’s most exclusive treatment centre, offering high quality health to individuals in healthy and fresh surroundings. We provide a freestanding, medically based residential detoxification and rehabilitation programme in Nepal with an experience team of 12 years.
    Our environment is supportive, inviting community in an institutionalized setting. Namaste Upakar Nepal Sudhar Kendra’s service is seen by our staff physician and psychiatric doctors. We support the clients while he experiences and difficulties and symptoms. We provide one to one fully care throughout the stay. Our therapist and doctor team all work together to ensure every patients make the fullest possible recovery.
    Professional staffs, staff physicians, psychiatric doctor, personal counsellor, Fresh air, fresh Himalayan drinking water with the view of hills and mountains, since its establishment, we are awarded with 4 national awards by health ministers. These are the major success key factor of Namaste Upakar Nepal Sudhar Kendra.
    Alcohol and drug problems need a confidential and personalized service, which we can provide. We offer you or your loved ones the chance to regain to control of your life. Besides rehabilitation programme package, we also provide 21 days Detoxification Luxury Package for those who have very tight schedule.

    • Best rehabilitation treatment facilities
    • Most experience and qualified team
    • 24x7 Emergency service
    • Highest recovery rate
    • Immediate access into residential rehab
    • Immediate access into residential detox
    • 12 step programme
    • Counselling Service
    • Individual and group therapy
    • Life skills education
    • Quality accomodation
    • Spiritual Development
    • Family support
    • One to one support
    • Relapse prevention
    • After Care

    Founder's Message

    "Namaste, my name is Pravin Shiwakoti. I’m the founder and director of Namaste Upakar Nepal. Namaste Upakar Nepal Sudhar Kendra was founded to save lives of people suffering from alcohol and drug dependency. Many people are suffering from the disease of addiction. Since the establishment of this rehabilitation centre, we gave treatment to nearly 5000 addicts and out of all them we have the success rate of 70%. By our humane friendly, residential environment and medically based treatment programme in fresh and healthy environment, we are awarded with 4 national awards by health minister for giving proper and best rehabilitation programme to the individual in Nepal. "